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Who we are

We are digital marketing and advertising professionals who believe in helping other companies succeed not just local, but globally. With more than two decades of experience, the team at Tech Lab Ad  is here to help your business or organization reach its potential. Whether breaking through your sales goal, finding new clients, or building relationships within your community, our team is eager to help you with innovation and success.

What we do

Tech Lab Ad  is a full-service communication and marketing firm that partners with your organization to fulfill its vision abroad with marketing and ecommerce solutions that can open new opportunities where big firms cant reach.  We will support you in navigating between the martech and adtech business lead by industry giants.

Why we do it

We were created to produce marketing and advertising solutions for the small and midsize firms, we want to leave a legacy by understanding your vision no matter the size of your organization, what you do is vitally important to crossover

Our Services

Digital Marketing

We develop growth marketing strategies with actions throughout the customer journey.

Martech and Adtech

We créate and update pixels for data analytics and conversión tracking, we optimize SEO and positioning , so algorithms could generate quality traffic.


We seek to integrate SMB companies into global e-commerce, discovering new markets for their products.

Go to Market Strategies

We help determine which market in Latam or global the product should be directed to, expanding the horizons of the companies.

Emergent Technologies

In preparation for the IOT, Metaverse, VR, etc. We transfer the knowledge and advise on their implementation. Remember, algorithm is the first emergent technology for the advertising industry., personalizing advertising, managing data and predicting consumer behavioral.

Our Insights

We can connect thousands of advertisers  to consumers in emergent Latam markets, helping monetize their businesses across the globe, thru digital advertising strategies., we help the SMB s to  find  broader prospects and succeed.


Laura B. Hernández